Creativity and tradition come together in chef Esteban González’s signature cuisine.

Esteban González defines his food as “traditional market cuisine, with touches of creativity and meticulous preparation”.

The La Manzana chef’s primary aim is to develop an intimately personal project in which tradition and culinary know-how converge, enthralling customers with the best produce, painstaking preparation, and a creative flair of unquestionable originality.

The chef creates La Manzana’s gastronomic offer with superb aesthetic preparation, introducing new trends, technologies, and produce into his cooking.

Professionally trained as an expert in culinary RDI, he began his career at the El Divino restaurant in Ibiza and the El Chaflán restaurant (1 Michelin star) in Madrid. He progressed to head chef at the five-star Villa Real and Urban hotels, also in Madrid.